WANTED: Football Journalists…

Calling all budding journalists… Writers, Photographers & Radio Producers…

LHFC are looking for volunteers to produce content for the website and help cover the fortunes of LHFC on local radio.

Do you think you could write a match report? Or, would you be able to interview and write up the stories that our players have to tell? Or, would you like to have a go at taking some photographs at our matchdays?

We are also looking for people to get involved in producing a radio show. In November 2011, LHFC players and Club Secretary Steve Barton, were interviewed on community radio station KVFM http://www.kvfm.co.uk/. Steve Farragher from KVFM was so impressed with the LHFC project that they made a donation to our cause and offered to take on two players on their next radio production course.

If you are interested in any of the roles mentioned above then please contact me at benthecarpenter@hotmail.co.uk .

All volunteers welcome especially residents at any of our parnter hostels.

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