England Hopefuls go over the cliff!

For the past 5 weeks 24 members of Liverpool Homeless FC travelled to the Cliff, in Salford, youth academy of Manchester United FC . Were they were part of the North west Training centre, for a chance to represent team England  at the Homeless world cup in Chile and other tournaments with the Homeless FA.

The day for our parcitapants started at 7:30 am every Thursday  and with 5 peer mentors from LHFC give or take 4 or 5 other parcitapants from the Northwest, LHFC took over the cliff. Wayne Rooney was not the only scouser in a Manchester united shirt!
For the next five Thursdays , the parcitapants  took part in the manchester united Belief course as well as completing their sports leader level 1 qualification, with a little bit of football threw in, all parcitapants were marked on their ability to work together rather than football skills.  So hopefully one or two will follow in the footsteps of the peer mentors and become England internationals!

Since our formation in 2007 LHFC has had a representive represent England every Year, prior to this there was always a member from Liverpool in the squad.

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