About LHFC

Liverpool Homeless Football Club is an FA Chartered Football Club. It exists in affiliation with the Liverpool County FA and operates across the whole of Merseyside.
As well as having a men’s eleven-a-side team and a women’s team, LHFC is primarily formed to provide a network of homeless organisations that operate across the region. The club hosts an annual 5 a side League that was founded for and accessed by people who are affected by homelessness.
Currently the league is made up of 18 homelessness organisations that operate across Merseyside, many of them hostels. Monthly ‘Match Days’  are held at the Powerleague Centre in Kirkdale, North Liverpool.
Since establishing the league in 2007, we have broken many myths and stereotypes that suround the homeless and have successfully helped many players to access training & education opportunities as well as seeing them enter long term accomodation.
As well as the Mens programme  LHFC run a womens programme for women for all backgrounds, who train once a week, and also play Monday nights in the Futsal League.
Once again the emphasis is on inclusion fun and moving lives forward.
Click on the link below to watch a short video about LHFC and witness the final matchday of the 2010-2011 season

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