Some Of Our Case Studies

Here is a small selection of case studies from the Liverpool Homeless Football Club. Have a read through some of the people we have helped since opening in 2007.

Case 1 - Carl, 42

Carl was discharged from the army after developing PTSD on his return home he found it difficult to fit back into society, he ended up homeless, sleeping in his car with just a few possessions. Carl was referred to Liverpool Homeless Football Club (LHFC) to engage in some of the football sessions to rebuild his social skills and fit back in to mainstream life, after several sessions Carl began to make friends feel more confident and started trusting the coaching staff, after 3 months Carl was put through his level one and two football coaching badges, giving him more confidence and the skills to join LHFCs coaching team, Carl now coaches the walking football and the 5-a-side team. He is rebuilding his life using the power of football and is now in his own property.

A Word from Carl
"Liverpool homeless are my family, thanks to them my life is getting better"

Case 2 - James, 25

James lost his adopted mum when he was 18, his only support. She left him an inheritance which he spent within eight months. James became homeless and ended up in hostel life, Jame was a great footballer and had the opportunity to go to Crewe for trials but never made it past the minibar, from his Crewe hostel he came to Liverpool for a fresh start. James joined LHFCs 11-a-side team and soon became top scorer, LHFC has given James a fresh start with his life, he is now vice chairman, on the board of LHFC, is working Jaguar and is in the process of looking for his biological mother, and plays Sunday league football.

A Word from James
"It's great knowing you have the support of people who really do care and want the best for you, they are my family"

Case 3 - Jess, 23

Jess has always loved football but fell out of love when she was asked to leave the family home, Jess has Aspergers and her family found it difficult to cope with her, ending up in a homeless hostel she got involved with LHFCs women's Futsal team where she got her mojo back to play football, LHFC has seen the potential in her and put her through level one and two coaching badges, Jess users football to combat her Aspergers and has the support of the other women who all support each other using football as the common denominator. Jess is now one of LHFCs Women's coaching staff.

A Word from Jess
"Without the support of LHFC I wouldn't be here today, I was at rock bottom and they gave me something to live for"