Men’s 11-A-Side

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Last season the team moved to the I Zingari Combination League  into Division One. This was a major step up from the CMS League that we played in the previous season but we managed to establish ourselves as a top half club finishing 6th in the table with a total of 10 wins and 68 goals scored. This was a massive achievement by the team and we thank all of the players who turned up to training and matches every week and gave it their all!

The team trained at Everton Park every Wednesday night from 7pm-8pm. Each training session was taken by the Head Coach Kyle Lenaghan and the two Managers Steve Moores and Eric Horton. We had between 15-20 players turn up for training each week to play and take part in football-related activities and drills with a match at the end.

The 11-a-side team finished at the end of the 2015/16 season and has now been replaced by a men’s 5-a-side team – information can be found under the tab.

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