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Marseille’s Monthly Blog- May 2019


It’s so good to be back, Match day 2 came around so quick happy days. Again, we had the weather it was a warm one, but I’m not complaining. Amazing turn out 100 plus players. A big thank you to them all for their commitment and let’s not forget the support workers. We had more new teams this month which is wonderful. Some of the comments I received from players and support staff while doing my rounds, were delightful and uplifting and made the day even more enjoyable.

“Its great this isn’t it. I love being here.”       “My lungs are burning but it’s boss.” “It’s fantastic the lads are loving it.”

The theme for Match day 2 was Show Racism The Red Card. I have to apologise for the lack of a visible theme, I had requested materials but they never turned up. I have since received an email saying they had no time to send the materials I had requested.

Anyway, it was great to see the legend (“R John” as I always say) John Barnes come down and support the event, when asked he said, “sure yes no problem where and when is it”. The speech R John gave to open the days proceedings was refreshing to say the least. I liked how he seen his own struggle with racism similar to that of homelessness as is the fight to be heard to be seen as a human being. I personally thought his passion for supporting the eradication of homelessness plus his understanding actually restored some faith in me that people who HAVE do care and can understand the daily struggle. Read what John had to say at the recent Show Racism the Red Card event 

Health Checks

Our super NHS attended giving free advice and support on various health issues. Like I said last month they won’t bite they are lovely and friendly. They will signpost to other agencies if needed and speak with you 1 to 1 if requested. I personally must thank them as I got tested last season and was found to have high blood pressure. I went to the doctors and I’m now receiving treatment, all because I could spear a couple of minutes to be tested. We also had Keiron from HEP-C this month who was impressed by the commitment from the players. HEP-C will be there next month so go have a chat get tested.

Fixtures & Results

Having a seeding tournament on match day 1 seemed to have worked. The feed back we got has been positive, plus the days football was more enjoyable and also competitive. There was plenty of goals scored on the day but the goal of the day for me was an overhead kick.

To see the days results and league standings please click the link below:

We started our match of the day series for our YouTube channel (soon to be launched). Hope your team got interviewed, if not make sure next month.

Also, some of our members got interviewed by The Mirror newspaper as they have heard of the work we do here at LHFC check out the article below:

In a blink of an eye next month will be here. Our theme for match day 3 will be DRUG AND ALCOHOL ABUSE AWARENESS. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Before I sign off till next month I want to say a big thank you to all the staff and volunteers here at LHFC, who make the day run so much smoother.


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