Welcome to Liverpool Homeless Football Club

Homeless League to Go 4 a side! Street Soccer style.

Tuesday October 27th will see LHFC kicking off its 8th season, more then 20 agencies across Merseyside will start in the new season and follow in the footsteps of Mass , Mildmay house and Mental Health Football UK to see who will win the respective leagues.

However this year  its with a difference LHFC are adopting the The Homeless World cup/street soccer rules.

This will once again see LHFC break new ground as we will be running the first 4×4 street soccer league in  England.

We are introducing the 4v4 games (rules below) this has come about for a number of reasons.

  • We are linking into national tournaments and the Homeless World Cup style of play
  • We will be inviting other cities to take part in the league throughout the year
  • Organisations were struggling to get five or more players over the last few years.

The season will be changing from next year (2016) the season will start in in June and finish in November, so technically we will have two presentation days in the one year, but the following year 2017 the season will start in May and end in November, Why?

  • We have found the numbers dropping in the winter months
  • This will stop us having a break in December and can continue right throughout
  • It is better for the Power League (Pitz) that we do this

All players Must wear shin pads

No football boots with studs or blade will be allowed


The rules of the 4v4 are slightly different from regular 5-a-side

How many people play?

Street football is a four-a-side game with squads consisting of up to 8 players, each half last for 7 minutes with 1 minute halftime.

How does the game start?  

The game begins with all players in their own halves and the referee then rolls the ball into play. There must always be at least one player on the opposing side and no one but the goalkeeper may enter the penalty area. The goalkeeper cannot leave the penalty area.

What happens when a goal is scored?

After a goal is scored the goalkeeper rolls the ball back into play.

Can the goalkeeper score?

No. The goalie cannot score goals.

What happens if there’s a foul?

If a player fouls, the opposing team will be awarded a free kick. If a player steps into the penalty box or if the goalkeeper picks up the ball from a pass back by a team mate, the opposing team are awarded a penalty. In more serious cases fouls may result in a red or blue card.

Red and blue cards?   

Blue cards will be given for minor incidents and the player is sent off for one minute, after one minute the player sent off cannot return but a substitute may replace them. For more serious incidents a player may be given a red card and will be sent off for the rest of the game and can’t be replaced.

How do subs work? 

The game uses rolling subs and all teams are asked to use all the players throughout the games.

So if you are interested our wish to find out more to register a team email [email protected]

Once again we are supported by Liverpool County FA and Lucozade power League Liverpool who have been involved from day 1.