Welcome to Liverpool Homeless Football Club, Charity 1182349


Why it’s needed:


Liverpool Homeless FC aims to provide purpose, structure, a reason to get up in the morning, and the opportunity to socialise and build relationships. The sessions also allow access to relevant support services were required as well as provide opportunities for growth and personal development.

The benefit of physical activity on health and well-being is clear, as is the importance of being around people and having structure. The impact of COVID-19 restrictions has a negative effect on many players.

Our Game Plan:

We provide our coaches with PPE such as temperature guns and sanitizer for them and our players, we also recommended face coverings when traveling to and from sessions.

We also created a new set of guidelines for each session, this will be sent to all hostels and players who attended.

When it comes to facilities, our two main venues include The Power League and Bootle FC, which are both open spaces with limited surfaces to touch.

Monitoring has become a key part of our sessions. All coaches have tablets with access to our CRM system. Therefore, if a player became unwell or experiences symptoms, they can advise the coach and sessions will immediately be suspended and players will be isolated.

Upcoming sessions and how to join:

We are currently running a phased reopening with two weekly sessions to begin. To join or find out more information contact one of coaches from the given session.



The Power League

Whittle Street

Coach – Elvis




Bootle FC

Coach – Keith



For all other enquiries, email Abbey Pybis at marketing@liverpoolhomelessfootballcub.com


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