Name: John Finnigan

Position: CEO

Background: I have a degree in Social Housing and have worked in the housing/homeless field for the last 25 years with further experience in the field of mental health, substance misuse and homelessness.

How I got involved: I began working with the organisation in 2007 as a football manager of Hostel and since then I have been actively involved in various roles including the Vice chair, Chairman and more recently CEO.

What do I think of LHFC: An amazing, inspirational, life changing organisation.


Name: Frances Davis

Position: Peer-mentor

Background: I was a teacher for 21 years and took early retirement in 2015. Throughout my teaching career, I was actively involved in this organisation and volunteered occasionally. Since my retirement, my involvement within the organisation has increased and my role has been continuously growing.

How I got involved: I was introduced to the organisation by the Chairman whose passion and enthusiasm was contagious.

What do I think of LHFC: I think it is a great organisation which offers essential ongoing support for vulnerable people and it is unique in the fact that it is run by people who dedicate hours on end to ensure maximum support is being given to those who need it.


Name: Jean Barrett

Position: Engagement Officer

Background: As an active Advocate of social Justice, I qualified as a Lawyer in 2002 .and began my career at Legal Services Commission, Social Justice is my passion which led me to start Lady Justice UK providing support Pro bono to local marginalized families.

How I got involved: I joined the Board in 2016 and was thrilled to get involved as a volunteer providing weekly Legal/Welfare surgeries supporting LHFC members. As an active Advocate of social Justice, I was thrilled to join the dedicated team of volunteers.

What do I think of LHFC I am proud to be involved with an organization making a real difference to people’s lives, with an amazing vision for the future.


Name: Florence Cook

Position: Researcher

Background: My background is in research. However, I have spent the last few years taking care of my mother who was diagnosed with dementia.

How did I get involved?: I was looking to use my skills to better people’s lives, as a researcher. I was approached to undertake vital work around poverty and homelessness.

What do I think of LHFC: An inspirational organisation who have a social conscience to support the most vulnerable in our community, most of whom are ‘invisible’ to society. I applaud their compassion and their tireless work.


Name: Marseille

Position: Engagement Officer

Background: I have over 20 years experience working within various communities across Liverpool covering different roles from youth worker, football coach/manager, mentoring, adult/young people education and training officer to support worker for the homeless.

How I got involved: I first heard of LHFC from my wife who works at The Florrie, then on meeting John and talking about what LHFC does he said they were looking for a coach/mentor I said I would be interested in working with them.

What do I think of LHFC: The work LHFC does gives the cities most vulnerable a chance to be heard and seen. I am really happy to be on board and will help wherever and whenever I can.


Name: Jess Lomax

Position: Women's Coach

Background: I have a level 3 diploma in football studies, level 3 sports leadership award and my FA coaching level 1 badge. I also have Asperger's syndrome, which is part of the autism spectrum.

How I got involved: When I became homeless in 2012 I started attending the LHFC football sessions, in which I immediately fell in love with as it's like one big happy family, from then I went on to represent England in the Mexico 2012 world cup and stayed with the club ever since and I am now the women's coach.

What I think of LHFC: I think it's an amazing organization, I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for them helping me see that life was actually worth living.


Name: Eve Lynch

Position: Mindfulness Coach

Background: To Follow

How I got involved: To Follow

What do I think of LHFC: To Follow

Name: Jade Barrett-Ellis

Position: HR/Administrator

Background: My background is in Events/Marketing Management. I am passionate about working in the community and social inclusion.

How I got involved: After my Maternity leave I volunteered at LHFC which progressed to me delivering a food and hygiene for catering course, as part of LHFC’s Back Kitchen Program. I have been involved in a variety of roles and am currently working in HR/Admin and well-being business development.

What do I think of LHFC: I love the way LHFC can make everyone feel relaxed at the same time as being safe in the knowledge that there is always a “get done” professional approach at the Club. I was instantly impressed by the work carried out by a grassroots organization that until recently was run solely by dedicated volunteers.


Here at LHFC we would also like to make a special mention and a big thank you to all of our volunteers.

Gary Thomas, Steven Barton, Lisa Gornell, Ben Edwards, Stephen Farrelly, Kevin Cole,
Angie McKay, Dave Hughes, Craig Madding’s, Lynne Higgins, Michelle Odwyer

This is a list of our current volunteers, although we have been helped by many over the years. A great big thank you to you all have helped us through our first 10 years.

We have great plans for the future and we wouldn't even be able to dream without your help. Keep checking back on the website or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with all of the latest news and to see if we can make our dreams come true.