Name: John Finnigan

Position: CEO

Background: I have a degree in Social Housing and have worked in the housing/homeless field for the last 25 years with further experience in the field of mental health, substance misuse and homelessness.

How I got involved: I began working with the organisation in 2007 as a football manager of Hostel and since then I have been actively involved in various roles including the Vice chair, Chairman and more recently CEO.

What do I think of LHFC: An amazing, inspirational, life changing organisation.

Rhea Rutherford

Name: Rhea Fennell-Rutherford

Position: Board Member Treasurer

Background: Rhea's background is in training and development. Creating and delivering bespoke training packages to both large groups and small cohorts of primary and secondary school students, as well as to FE students and local/national companies.

My Role: Rhea will work on accredited programmes gaining qualifications for individuals with real-world skills as well as educational programs encouraging people back into the workplace.

Name: Beth Burns

Position: HR/Admin

Background: I am qualified in career guidance and over 20 year experience working with people who have experienced social exclusion.

How I got involved: I was looking for a career change so phoned Liverpool Homeless Football Club to explore opportunities to gain experience and have been here for 2 years now.

What do I think of LHFC: I think LHFC is a fabulous organisation that provides support not only to the people who use their service but to all the volunteers helping within the organisation.

Name: Fran Davis

Position: Admin

Background: I was a teacher for 21 years and took early retirement in 2015. Throughout my teaching career, I was actively involved in this organisation and volunteered occasionally. Since my retirement, my involvement within the organisation has increased and my role has been continuously growing.

How I got involved: I was introduced to the organisation by the Chairman whose passion and enthusiasm was contagious.

What do I think of LHFC: I think it is a great organisation which offers essential ongoing support for vulnerable people and it is unique in the fact that it is run entirely by unpaid volunteers who dedicate hours on end to ensure maximum support is being given to those who need it.

Sheila Farrely

Name: Sheila Farrelly

Position: Board Member & Secretary

Background: I have worked over 30 years for various projects in different roles that tackle homelessness. I was with the Whitechapel before I retired in 2015 and through my role as day centre manager I was introduced to LHFC. 

How I got involved: I was so impressed with the work they did that I continued to support them. 

What do I think of LHFC: Everyday they impress me.  I have seen lives turned around because of this project so decided I would like to be part of it long term so I joined the committee.

James Buckley

Name: James Buckley

Position: Board Member & Vice Chairman

A Bit About Me: I became homeless after my mum died and I ended up in hostels. Finally settling in Liverpool and playing for LHFC. They help me turn my life around. I know and support the players so they can turn their lives around. I see LHFC as a family now.