Spirit of Merseyside League

We started Liverpool Homeless Football Club initially as a team to try and engage and encourage homeless people to take part and compete in a sport. Over the years this has expanded and we now have our own league for Merseyside. This league encompasses 23 hostels and organisations who help and assist people from all walks of life take part. All teams are split over 3 divisions and are 7-a-side. Although it's a friendly league, the teams take every game seriously. No one wants to lose at football do they?

The players who take part in the league all have issues with homelessness of some description, they are not all necessarily homeless. Taking part isn't all about the winning, it's about feeling like a valued member of society, the league was set up to help bring people out of their shell. Sometimes the hardest thing in life is to speak to strangers. Many people from a homeless background have social anxiety or issues speaking to others. That is what the league is all about, getting people involved.

Spirit of Merseyside Matchdays

We play at a number of different venues, however, most matches are played at the Power League Liverpool. You may know it as The Pitz in Kirkdale. When the teams get together we ensure that everyone is fed and fed well. Although it may sound small, this is a big thing to us, making sure that people are fed. This is done using our catering truck, The Back Kitchen, we have volunteers who staff the truck to help feed the players on all match days.

We play our games and the results are recorded with the County FA. We could list all the results here but that would be a lot of information on the one page. If you wish to see all the results pop over to Full Time at the FA. Here you will see all the fixtures, results and league tables.

Teams Involved

As we mentioned there are 23 teams involved in the league on a regular basis. Here is a list of all 23.

Aigburth Drive, Liverpool
Alt Bank House, Knowsley
Asylum Link, Liverpool
Bosco House, Liverpool
Forum Housing, Birkenhead
Homeground, Liverpool
Lister House, Liverpool
Mental Health, Liverpool
Men’s Accommodation & Support, Liverpool (MAS)
Mildmay House, Liverpool
New Start, Liverpool
Phoenix Futures Birkenhead
Salvation Army, St Helens
Salvation Army, Liverpool
Shaw Street, Liverpool
Street League, Liverpool
The Ark, Birkenhead
The Bridge House Project, Liverpool
The Sead Project, Liverpool
Waves of Hope, Liverpool
Whitechapel Centre, Liverpool
YMCA Birkenhead
YMCA, Liverpool