Welcome to Liverpool Homeless Football Club

Italian Show Visits LHFC


Photo by Chris McIntyre

Last week LHFC were visited by the Italian TV show Shuffalato. The programme is a magazine style TV show that is screened on the internet. The main character is called Nikki and the show follows him as he travels around Europe visiting cities and interviewing interesting people.

Homeless football was once again, the story of the day. Nikki and his crew visited the Powerleague centre where the sun was shining and the football was in full flow! Nikki interviewed CLub treasurer Mike Salla, Craig Meddings as well as several players including Sean Lennon.

Nikki was really impressed with the standard of football and how the players were helping each other. “It’s great to see such a good team spirit amongst the guys. I can see why being part of this would be helpful to anyone” he said. “What a great project and we are so pleased to be here in Liverpool with you guys”.

We expect LHFC to be featured in October 2012 and we will keep you informed of its release. If you are curious, check out some previous episodes on the link below.


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