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LHFC Appoint an Official Photographer

Some of you may have noticed a familiar face turning up to LHFC events recently. Or, some of you might have noticed a number of excellent photographs being displayed by LHFC? Well this is all down to Chris McIntyre, the latest addition to the team of LHFC volunteers.


Chris has been involved with the club since May 2012 and this summer he was appointed as the Official Club Photographer. Chris has shown real dedication in attending a variety of events but most of all, LHFC are very proud he has taken up the role because he has such tremendous talent.


Chris is 26 and has suffered from homelessness in the past few years. He was living in a hostel when he began attending a CRISIS course on Photography. Chris was immediately hooked, he began learning and practising and it’s hard to believe he has only been taking photographs in the past 12 months! He is totally enthused by his new focus in life and will happily tell you that taking photographs is a release for him and a perfect way to express his creative side! LHFC are delighted to give him opportunities to practice his new skills and hope we can help him to build a career in photography.

We caught up with him to ask him his story and this is what he had to say…


“I’ve been a member of Liverpool homeless football club since May 2012 and enjoy being an active member of the club. I like taking photos of the beautiful game and seeing the way people’s lives are changed through the club. My life has changed since being a member of the club.


My life changed when I started crisis skylight and was going to classes at the Salvation Army where the hostel have got a team that played at the pits in the Homeless League. That is where I first got asked to take a photo of Rachel Brown for The Liverpool Echo – which was a big achievement for me. I feel alive when I am taking photos of footballers and want a career doing this.


I had a hard past, going to jail and life situations that made me get in to trouble with the police. Since doing photography I have not been arrested for 2 years and now living back home after being in a bail hostel for some time. It is taking these photos which keeps me calm and in control of my life. I look forward to seeing the good work that the club is going to do in the future with the homeless and thank them for giving me the opportunity to make something of my life.”


Most of the photos on this website are from Chris’ camera. If you are interested in Chris or any of his pictures please do not hesitate to contact us.


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