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Training for Men’s 11-a-side Team begins! Meet the Manager!

Pictures produced by Chris McIntyre ([email protected])
Words By Ben Carpenter

Liverpool Homeless Football Club are pleased to announce that the long wait for an 11 a side team is finally over. Ryan Lewis has been appointed as coach and manager. He took his first training session last night and we carried out an interview with him to hear from the man at the helm of this new and exciting programme for Liverpool Homeless Football Club.

Training is on every Wednesday at Everton Lifestyles Sports Centre between 17:00-18:00.

PLEASE be there at 16:45.

If you are unsure whether you are eligible to play – please contact us

How did you get involved in football coaching?

I first became interested in coaching whilst at university where I was studying for my degree in Sports. While at university I was given the opportunity to have a go at coaching and I was at that point that I know it was something I was going to peruse. My passion for coaching has developed over the years and lead to me now become a qualified FA Licensed coach.

Tell us a bit about your coaching experiences?

I have had the opportunity to coach many wonderful teams working with a range of grassroots clubs up to elite level players and even coaching at the Manchester FA Centre of Excellence. The best part of coaching for me is seeing how much a player develops when they are engaged in the game in the right way. Football is so powerful at bringing the best out of people and can really help to boost confidence and communication skills!

What should the players expect from you and your training sessions?

I am firm but fair! I try to make my sessions as engaging as possible, challenging players to be the best that they can be. I always try to ensure that players are challenged, motivated and enjoy the session whilst developing their understanding of the principles of play. I use a range of techniques to help players increase their knowledge of the game and in creating well- organised teams capable of playing football in an attractive and attacking style to get the best out of the players with a focus on progression and development of skills.

What do you demand from the players?

I expect that players always have a good attitude, show respect, have commitment to the club and the game, have a passion to succeed and that they listen and are open minded to new ways of working. I am all about playing and learning with the blinkers off!

What attracted you to apply for the post with LHFC?

I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with a LHFC as for me, this is one of the most exciting coaching positions I’ve ever held. I have had several discussions with the chairman and I feel that I share their vision for the future progress of the club. This is a squad any coach would love to work with and together I believe we can bring success in the seasons ahead. When I realised how big the homeless league and scene was I could see the potential that the club could have in being really successful and I feel excited at having the opportunity to be the person to take the club to new heights!

What do you think you can bring to the club?

I think that my skill at being able to assess strengths and weaknesses within a team will help us as a club be able to play to our strengths better and turn

weaknesses in to real strengths! Hopefully my passion and enthusiasm will be infectious enough to inspire the players to want to develop their skills to the level that will allow the club to gain real, positive recognition for the standard the players will hopefully achieve. My vision is that the club and the players will gain recognition for their skills and reputation and that we can start producing players that then have the opportunity to move on to play at world cup level like those playing in Mexico this year

Do you have a role model or favourite coach/manager?

My favourite coach/manager of all time has got to be Brian Clough because I admire him for his passion and determination and sheer hard work in developing individual players, the team and the club. (if I had to have a second though, it would probably José Mourinho because of his coaching style, philosophy, and obvious deep passion for the game which has helped him achieve an amazing managerial record of almost 69% since 2000!)

Controversially – which team do you support?!

Manchester United!

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