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Who is a Young Adult Carer?

A Young Adult Carer is someone who is aged 18-25 and provides, or intends to provide, care, assistance or support to an adult on an unpaid basis. A Young Adult Carer may or may not live at the same address as the person that they care for, and there may be other adults supporting the person that they care for.

A Young Adult Carer could care for an adult with:

  • A physical disability
  • Mental ill health
  • A long-term health condition
  • A drug or alcohol problem
  • A learning disability

There is no minimum time requirement or age restriction that “qualifies” someone as being a carer.

What are Caring Responsibilities?

Your role as a carer will depend on the person you care for but could include:

  • Practical household tasks (cooking, cleaning, washing up, ironing, dealing with correspondence and financial management)
  • Personal care (bathing, dressing, lifting, administering medication, collecting prescriptions, support to attend medical appointments)
  • Emotional Support (listening, offering advice and friendship, keeping an eye on the person you care for to ensure their safety)

Carers may request an assessment of their own needs (including your outside interests such as work, study and leisure), even if the person receiving care does not wish to have an assessment.

How do I get the Right Support?

  1. You can complete a Carers Self-Directed Assessment.
  2. A Project Worker will arrange to meet with you to agree on a support plan that meets your needs as a carer and a young adult, while also meeting the needs of the family.
  3. The service can provide you with continued support if you need it.

If the person you care for has a social worker they can support you to complete the Carers Self-Directed Assessment, if they do not have a social worker, we can support you to complete this assessment.

How Can Barnardo’s Young Adult Carers Service Support You?

The Service can provide you with information and guidance about:

  • Money/benefits/grants/services available for carers
  • Information about the medical conditions and health needs of the person that you are supporting including information about services available for the person that you care for and information and courses that may be of benefit to you as a carer
  • Developing plans for emergency situations
  • How to maintain a healthy lifestyle supporting you to balance caring responsibilities with education, employment and a social life

How can this support be provided?

The service can offer one to one support so that you can meet with a Project Worker on your own. The service can also provide opportunities for peer support including taking short breaks from the person you care for giving you the chance to meet other Young Adult Carers.

Education, Employment and Training

  • The service can provide information, advice and guidance about opportunities in further or higher education and flexible training courses and how to get relevant financial assistance
  • The service can also help and support you to balance education, employment and training with caring

If you are a student and a carer you may be able to access support from Student Support at your college or university, get in touch with them to find out what help they offer.

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