Name: Gary Carney

Position: Chairman

My Background: I have been in commercial roles in local businesses driving commercial strategies. While I have been aware of the organisation for some years and helped where I could, the more I learned about the club and the impact that John and the team were having on peoples lives, the more I wanted to help. I became involved with the club in a more hands-on by becoming a member of the board in 2014 with the goal of setting a commercial strategy to try to alleviate the issues of raising funds to continue the great work the club was doing.


Name: James Buckley

Position: Board Member & Vice Chairman

A Bit About Me: I became homeless when I was 19. However, I have managed to get my life back on track and moving forward. I get involved with LHFC and I'm also working with Jaguar.

How I Got Involved: I first got involved as a mentor to the players the next step was to be invited onto the board to make sure the members where being represented and the club didn't lose its focus on who it is supporting.
What I Think of LHFC: The club has that family feel to it, you become hooked once you become part of LHFC a truly great club.

Name: Sheila Farrelly

Position: Board Member & Secretary

Background: I have worked over 30 years for various projects in different roles that tackle homelessness. I was with the Whitechapel before I retired in 2015 and through my role as day centre manager I was introduced to LHFC. 

How I got involved: I was so impressed with the work they did that I continued to support them. 

What do I think of LHFC: Everyday they impress me.  I have seen lives turned around because of this project so decided I would like to be part of it long term so I joined the committee.

Name: Rhea Fennell-Rutherford

Position: Board Member Treasurer

Background: Rhea's background is in training and development. Creating and delivering bespoke training packages to both large groups and small cohorts of primary and secondary school students, as well as to FE students and local/national companies.

My Role: Rhea will work on accredited programmes gaining qualifications for individuals with real-world skills as well as educational programs encouraging people back into the workplace.

What I Think of LHFC: From an educational background I honestly believe the club empowers the members without realisation, the events are truly amazing to see and its all done with passion.

Name: Michael Kinsella

Position: Board Member & Football Development

A Bit About Me: Michael's background is professional football he played for Tranmere Rovers in his early years, and now works with the Tranmere youth teams. Michael joined the board in 2014 and has developed a football program for  LHFC as well as supporting any football disciplinary issues.

What I Think of LHFC:  The commitment and passion from the team who run the club is second to none, great to be apart of this unique club.